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31 Meals People Were Actually Served At Restaurants That Made Me Say, "Wow, Everyone's So Creative!" "Had I Just Held My Pee In, I'd Be The One Currently In A Coffin:" 21 People Who — By The Skin Of Their Teeth — Survived Nearly Fatal Situations I Was Today Years Old When I Learned These 21 Things Can Kill You "Those Are Not Even Remotely Close To The Real Pronunciation:" 25 Celebs Whose Names You've Definitely Said Wrong Reneé Rapp Coming Out As A Lesbian On "SNL" Was A Last-Minute Decision, And I'm So Proud Of Her Universal Studios Announced Its Brand-New Haunted House For Halloween Horror Nights 2024, And October Cannot Come Fast Enough 23 Nightmare-Inducing Paranormal Stories That Just Might Make You A Believer I Had No Idea The "Unusual" Thing My Body Did Was, In Fact, Not "Normal," And I Feel So Validated By These 24 People Who Had The Same Experience This A-Z Taylor Swift Song Quiz Will Reveal Which Era You Are On The Inside And The Outside 15 Facts That — Surprisingly — Like, A Lot Of People Don't Know I Haven't Stopped Thinking About "Third Man Syndrome" Since I Learned About It, So Here Are 31 Stories Of People Who Experienced It First Hand I Promise I'm Not Living In Your Walls, But Your Answers In This A-To-Z Food Quiz Will Reveal 3 Truths About You 17 People Share The Most Horrific True Crime Cases From Their Cities And Towns I Don't Spook Easily, But These 23 Real-Life "Unsolved Mysteries" I Learned About This Month Might Make Me Sleep With The Lights On "We Don't Clean The Ballpit, Like, Ever:" 28 Employees Reveal The Shocking Industry Secrets They're Not Supposed To Tell Customers 17 Things Taylor Swift Cut, Changed, Or Added To The Eras Tour Today, Including "TTPD" I'm Positive You Won't Recognize More Than 22 Of These Celebrities Unless You're Gen Z (Or A Really, Really Cool Millennial) These 21 Celebs Were Considered The Best Dressed At This Year's Met Gala By Me — I Wanna Know If You Agree 23 Of The Most Controversial Looks Celebs Wore To The Met Gala This Year Here's What Bad Bunny, Shakira, And 14 Other Latino Celebs Wore To The Met Gala
Angelica Martinez (angelicaamartinez) on BuzzFeed (2024)
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