Best Moving Companies In Mamaroneck, New York Of 2024 (2024)

When choosing the ideal moving company for your relocation within or away from Mamaroneck, it’s important not to base your decision solely on pricing. Consider these other factors to help you in selecting the perfect team of movers, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience during the process of packing and moving.


Naturally, the distance you’re traveling will significantly influence the total cost of your move. Relocating from Mamaroneck to a neighboring town or city will typically cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than a cross-country move.

Busy Seasons

The peak time for moving typically spans from April to October each year, largely due to ideal weather conditions across most of the U.S. If you schedule your move during this period, it’s possible that your costs may be higher compared to relocating during an off-peak month, such as December or January.

Regulations and Licenses

In Mamaroneck, moving companies are required to have a valid Department of Transportation (USDOT) number. If the company conducts any out-of-state moves, it must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It’s important to ensure that your chosen mover is properly licensed and insured to safeguard your belongings during the move. Fortunately, all this crucial information is readily available online, making it easy to access and verify.

Established Reputation

As with many of the purchasing decisions we make, ratings and reviews should play a significant role in determining which moving company you go with. Evaluating a moving company’s history in the industry, and how it has been rated by previous customers, can offer valuable insights. Before making your choice, you should check platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, Google, Facebook and Yelp to read reviews and better gauge the company’s reputation and track record.

Service Area Coverage

The degree to which service area coverage matters will vary depending on your specific move. Regardless, it’s valuable information to consider when selecting a moving company. If your move keeps you within the Mamaroneck metro area, a local moving company can provide the assistance that you need. However, for more extensive moves to or from Mamaroneck spanning across the state or the entire nation, your chosen Mamaroneck moving company will need to offer long-distance moving services.

Services Available

While at the very least, a moving company can move you, numerous movers provide additional services beyond that. These can include packing and unpacking services at an extra charge, specialized moving for items such as pianos, antique cars and valuable art, as well as storage services for the long-term security of your possessions. It’s important to evaluate the specifics of your move and determine which supplementary services align with your needs, alongside the standard moving services.

Financing, Estimates and Insurance Valuations

Ultimately, the overall cost will play a crucial role in your decision when hiring a moving company. It’s important to gather price estimates from multiple movers before making your final choice.

Certain companies may require in-person or video consultations before presenting a final quote, and while this may involve extra effort, it is usually beneficial. Transparency in pricing is essential to prevent any unexpected hidden charges that might come up once your move is completed. To contribute to this transparency, it’s important to provide a comprehensive, itemized list of items that you’ll need to move, to guarantee the most precise and reliable quote.

Regarding insurance, it’s important to be aware of the coverage options offered by each company that you’re considering. If your possessions are particularly fragile and valuable, it might be smart to opt for a more expensive, yet comprehensive, insurance plan. Then, to determine the appropriate size of the moving truck for your needs, you can consult our moving calculator.

Company Size

The size of a moving company is an important factor to consider as it often reflects the business’s level of experience. For instance, larger companies are generally better equipped to handle more substantial moves and may offer a broader range of insurance options. Additionally, larger companies typically have better availability than smaller ones.


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Best Moving Companies In Mamaroneck, New York Of 2024 (2024)


Best Moving Companies In Mamaroneck, New York Of 2024? ›

Ideally, two to three months before your move date. If you are not moving during the summer, booking anywhere from two to four weeks out should suffice. For intrastate moves we recommend booking your preferred movers ten to twelve weeks out, especially if you are in search of a summer date.

How far in advance should you schedule local movers? ›

Ideally, two to three months before your move date. If you are not moving during the summer, booking anywhere from two to four weeks out should suffice. For intrastate moves we recommend booking your preferred movers ten to twelve weeks out, especially if you are in search of a summer date.

What is the most reliable moving company? ›

The top movers in our Best Moving Companies rating are Allied Van Lines, Mayflower, and Colonial Van Lines. These full-service companies also place in the top three for our Best Long-Distance Moving Companies and Best Interstate Moving Companies ratings.

How do I know if my moving company is reputable? ›

Research the company—check if the company is registered with the California Public Utilities Commission (for moves within California) or the U.S. Department of Transportation (for interstate moves); what types of services the company offers; how long the company has been in business; and the company's reputation for ...

What are the busiest months for moving companies? ›

Most Americans move from mid-May through mid-September—or between Memorial Day and Labor Day—which is the peak moving season. However, the best time of the year to move is during the off-season, which is mid-September through April.

What day is cheapest to hire movers? ›

What's the Cheapest Day of the Week to Move? The short answer to this question is that the cheapest day to move is on a weekday — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Simply put, most moving companies offer better rates during the week because they aren't as busy then.

What is the slowest month for moving companies? ›

The slow-moving season runs from October to April.

What are the cons of moving companies? ›

Cons of Hiring a Moving Company

Higher cost than DIY: One of the primary drawbacks of hiring a full-service moving company is the potentially high cost, which may not be suitable for those on a tight budget. Various factors determine the overall expense, such as distance, the size of the move, and additional services.

Why do moving companies only take cash? ›

Cash Only

Sometimes you can get a better deal when you pay your moving company in cash. However, if the movers will only accept cash, it may be a scam. Credit card payments leave a trail and the ability to dispute a charge. A legitimate moving company will accept multiple forms of payment, including credit payments.

Is it normal for a moving company to ask for a deposit? ›

Required Deposit

If the mover you select is a reputable company, then they will likely not ask you to pay a deposit prior to your relocation. In most cases, you are asked to pay your relocation bill once all your possessions have been safely delivered to your new home.

What is the cheapest month to move? ›

Scheduling your move from late September to April will save you the most money. This window of time avoids peak moving season in the summer as well as the high demand for movers in the fall, up to early September. This is when college students and renters move out because their semesters and leases end.

What month is the cheapest time to move? ›

What Is the Cheapest Month to Move? The moving industry's “off-season” typically runs from September through April, so if you're interested in moving during those months, you could save a good chunk of money. This is likely due to the reduced demand for movers during this time.

What is the best day to hire movers? ›

In contrast, weekdays tend to be less busy, making them a better option for those looking to save money and avoid crowds. Based on our 90+ years of experience, the best day of the week to move is typically between Monday and Thursday.

What is the busiest time of year for movers? ›

While late spring through summer is the peak season for moving — particularly because of weather and school schedules — that doesn't mean it's the right time for you. Each season is different in terms of how it may benefit your relocation.

What is the busiest day for movers? ›

Worst Day of the Month to Move

The last day of the month is the busiest day to move. The 1st of the month is also popular as it can also feel like a "new beginning" to some, while others want to ride out their lease until the last day.

How do I organize before movers come? ›

Here are some steps you can take to prepare for your movers' arrival.
  1. Properly Box Up Your Things. Start by packing all your belongings in sturdy boxes. ...
  2. Get Rid Of Items You're Not Moving. ...
  3. Make a Detailed Moving Inventory. ...
  4. Pre-Moving-Day Checklist. ...
  5. Packing Yourself vs. ...
  6. Have a Packing Plan. ...
  7. Clean. ...
  8. Get Insurance.
Aug 23, 2023

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