Bongo 2.0 Development [McNeel Wiki] (2024)

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===== 2019-02-12 Service Release 8Download Service Release 8 from here:

Bug fixes:

Following bugs occurred in both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6:

  • A keyframe moved by using the context menu commands “Copy/Move Keyframe” to a tick greater than the last visible tick landed at the end of the visible timeline. It now does shift beyond the last visible tick to the desired spot.

  • The pivot path curve of an animated object didn’t follow the object when it was Rhino-relocated until some Bongo command was executed. Now the pivot path curve is updated instantly.

  • The pivot path curve lacked the final section when the last keyframe coincides with the stop animation limit of the timeline. It is now fully drawn.

  • Renaming an object in the Keyframe Editor and in Curve Editor was not operating. Both the context menu command as well as long-click the name-field are active now.

  • In a model with at least 2 IK chains ending by a constraint “Keep pivot location the same“, when the “engine” of one chain was animated by using Rhino’s Move command the constraint of the other IK-chain(s) became dislocated. All constraints remain stable now.

  • When a Formula is formed in the Expressions field of the Keyframe Editor, by starting with # and the selection of an object’s Name out of the drop-down-list, the name vanishes once the Property is selected. Hence forming a formula was only possible by literary fully typing. Now the list-selection of name and property is restored.

  • Error message when UI fails to load is fixed.

  • A memory leak occurring by Morphing is fixed.

Following problems came with transition from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6 and are fixed:

  • The Parent-Child link was displayed by a continuous line instead of dotted.

  • The transparency of the background set in a Viewport’s display options didn’t come through in the images produced.

  • The Pivot-path was missing the last tick (when the final keyframe coincides with the stop animation limit of the timeline).

  • The icons on the Timeline appeared ‘too’ small.

  • A keyframe moved by using the context menu commands “Copy/Move Keyframe” didn’t shift beyond the visible ticks.

  • The pivot of a selected object did not highlight fully - only the arrow points highlighted.

  • Although the state was properly altered, the ‘enable/disable IK’ button on the timeline missed the ‘enabled’ state icon. The ‘disabled’ state was shown in any case.

  • In the IK ‘Pivot Constraints’ section of Bongo’s Object Properties the ‘Select object’ button icon was missing.

  • When an object was newly animated the Tweening section in the Keyframe Editor remained inactive (grayed-out).

  • The Keyframe dialog window brought up wrong mouse cursor image in the Tree view when right-clicked.

  • Non-English versions of Bongo stopped rendering an animation when a viewport display was chosen as rendering target.

  • Zoo registration was unavailable when the installer was ran through the command line.

2018-02-09 Service Release 7b - Public Release

Bug fixes:

  • The IK Pre Calculation didn't work properly if animation limits where not in default positions.

  • Crash on start up.

  • Cause of error message “This app can't run on your PC” on Rhino startup after installing Bongo.

2018-01-24 Service Release 7a - Public Release

Bug fixes:

  • The Evaluation version did not run on Rhino 5

2018-01-11 Service Release 7 - Public Release


  • Support for Rhino 6

Bug fixes:

2017-03-31 Service Release 6a - Public Release

Bug fixes:

  1. The buttons handling the View mode of the Animation manager (Tree or IK) can no longer be switched off. They now truly act like radio-buttons.

  2. The BongoCheckForUpdates command as well as the Bongo menu item ‘Check for Updates…’ were dysfunctional. The software also didn’t check for updates on-startup. It does from now on.

  3. When two (or more) keyframes were dragged simultaneously along the timeline to the left and a new positions coincide with a previous one(s) then the overlapping keyframes disappeared. The same happened when the timeline keyframe context-menu ‘Move…’ (with negative value) caused overlap. This is fixed.

  4. In the Tweening section of the KeyframeEditor the ‘Match incoming’ checkbox wouldn’t switch when multiple objects were selected. It now does.

  5. With Custom tweening set (in the KeyframeEditor) the Easing setting was still taken in account, although Easing was grayed-out. Now every Easing setting is inactive while Custom tweening is set.

  6. The tweening-setting ‘AutoEase’ was triggered when the difference between the parameters for Simple Constraints LookAt and ToPath in 2 adjacent keyframes was less than 0.1000. In the CurveEditor the handlebars were set horizontal. This threshold is eliminated, meaning the parameters have to match fully for AutoEasing to take effect.

  7. The CurveEditor window automatically zoomed when an attribute was being edited via the KeyframeEditor. This ‘auto­zoom’ resized the vertical aspect of the display by making the handlebars completely fit in the window. Now the zoom factor of the Curve Editor remains unchanged while editing keyframes.

  8. An option “All types” is added (beside ‘Object View Light Layer Document Content’) to the BongoCopyKeyframe, BongoDeleteKeyframe, BongoDeleteKeyframe and BongoRemoveAllEntityAnimation commands.

  9. The Z-coordinate of ViewConstraints (camera and target) wasn’t updated properly when previewing the animation. This is fixed.

  10. For a newly initiated Simple Constraint the end-keyframe was set to end of the (visual part of) Timeline when this exceeded the Animation stop. Now it is set at the Animation stop position.

  11. The Script version of BongoRenderAnimation command now accepts a non-existing path in the output option.

  12. When the Bongo plugin wasn’t not loaded in Rhino the Bongo Video Texture wasn’t available in the New-Texture-dialog. Now it is. When selected Bongo loads automatically.

  13. Looping didn’t take its effect on Morphing although the Looping-markers did show up. Now the Looping is effective.

  14. Although Bongo’s Video Encoder accepted any FPS (frames per second) values for the MPEG codec (while only certain values are supported) the output video was always 29.97 fps. Now, when an invalid value is entered, a dialog gives a warning and an overview of useable values.

  15. When it became inactive Bongo’s KeyframeEditor window vanished behind a Floating Rhino Viewport. It now always stays on top.

  16. The Object pivot size is adjustable via Bongo’s Document Properties. The setting now not only affects the size of the pivot but also of the letters X, Y and Z accompanying the pivot.

  17. When Objects’ Properties (attributes and material) and/or Layers are being animated it is somewhat puzzling (although logic) that changes made outside Animation Mode are immediately undone as soon as the timeline is operated. The situation is more or less similar to Views being animated. Because it is easily forgotten a Property is controlled by animation, a popup dialog similar to the one of Views is installed.

  18. A “Do not show me this again” checkbox is added to these kind of messages. In the Bongo section of Rhino’s Options a button is added to ‘Restore all ”Do not show me this” dialog boxes’.

  19. With the use of the BongoRotate command a new keyframe didn’t show up in the timeline until the object was deselected. Now the timeline updates in real time.

  20. The BongoRotatePivot command now “remembers” the previously used angle.

  21. When the rendering of an animation was paused and then resumed the ‘Estimated time to completion” wasn’t recalculated correctly. It is now.

  22. In the BongoAddKeyframe command for some attributes the current state is presented in option- parentheses (e.g. Object or Layer visibility on/off , Light on/off, Tweening tangent type, …). By pressing Enter the value wasn’t accepted. This is fixed.

2014-11-14 Service Release 5 - Public Release


  • Render delay made available also for Renderers.

Bug fixes:

  • Problems with 32-bit installer fixed.

2014-09-11 Service Release 4 - Public Release


  • MCL update to version 6.4.0.

  • MPEG-4 video output added.

  • Bongo 1.0 Animate inside instances (blocks) feature added.

  • Pause button added to render animation progress dialog.

Bug fixes:

  • Animated view rotation fixed.

  • BongoRotate command - child rotates with parent.

  • Invalid scaling values blocked.

  • Crash in BongoNamedViewWizard dialog fixed.

2014-05-25 Service Release 3 - Public Release


  • Keep Hierarchy option added to BongoSelectChildren and BongoSelectParent.

  • Simple arithmetic support added to keyframe editor and timeline controls.

  • Set Children button added to object properties page.

  • Multiple selection support to animation manager added.

Bug fixes:

  • The BongoMatchAnimationProperties command selects target objects on exit.

  • Keyframe editor bottom keyframe row accessible when horizontal scrollbar visible.

  • View keyframe and constraint combined animation fixed.

  • Constraints removed from keyframe and curve editor when transform type not simple constraint.

  • Turn off option for curve editor added to timeline context menu.

  • Simple constraint help link fixed.

  • Crash fix when objects are constrainted to deleted objects.

  • Camera rotation keyframes taken into account when constraint.

  • Unresolved hierarchy message does not appear anymore when object has expressions to its own parameters.

  • Nested groups display in animation manager.

  • Toolitip fixed in view properties dialog.

  • BongoObjectResetIk command empties cache.

2014-02-05 Service Release 2 - Public Release


  • BongoCopyChain command added.

  • BongoOrientPivot command added.

Bug fixes:

  • Tweening type setting sticks in options dialog.

  • Morphing validation fixed.

  • Jumping fixed on multiple view path constraints.

  • IK stiffness UI visible after re-selection of object(s).

  • All option added to BongoScaleKeyframe command.

  • Expired evaluation shows dialog with buy option.

  • BongoScaleKeyframes command effects loop and animation limits.

  • AddToGroup and RemoveFromGroup commands update animation manager.

  • Animation Manager Expand All menu option remembers item state.

  • Timeline display range taken into account when opening a model.

  • Option added to update UI depending on render content selection.

  • BongoPivotLock command is back.

  • Crash fix when deleting animation set directly after duplication.

  • Timeline blue keyframe selection ribbon appears.

2013-12-11 Service Release 1 - Public Release


  • BongoRemoveAllEntityAnimation command added.

Bug fixes:

  • Object properties UI updates when switching tabs.

  • Flickering of object properties UI reduced.

  • IK chain members ignore their parent transforms when setting up their original position/scaling/rotation at tick 0.

  • Expired evaluation does not pop up “view animated, do you want to disable” message anymore. It forced a refresh.

  • HD resolution choice added to render animation dialog.

  • Fixed curve parameter and normal cache for constraints.

  • Switching between animation sets clears IK caches.

  • Light and object selection event fixed.

  • Proper disabling of entity event watcher when Bongo put to sleep.

  • Links into help file fixed.

  • Help hooked up with Rhinos properties page.

  • Remove animation only affects the current animation set.

  • Zoo clients will not request a license on startup.

  • A zero camera constraint weighting won't cause a camera jump anymore.

  • Expressions all set to english.

  • Deleting a non active animation set updates the document correctly.

2013-09-19 Service Release 0 - Public Release


  • Licensing system added.

Bug fixes:

  • Viewport to render option works with viewport display mode.

  • BongoObjectResetIk command does not turn off IK anymore.

  • View path default constraint weight parameter used.

  • BongoObjectConstraintManager and BongoViewConstraintManager commands display the UI again.

  • Bongo icon fixed for various thumbnail sizes.

  • Look along vector on old Bongo 1.0 models fixed.

  • Lots of bits and pieces fixed in the video encoder.

  • Tweening section UI rearranged.

  • Crash on splash screen fixed when “updates available” appeared.

  • Reset timeline button and menu behavior matched.

  • Video compression option fixed for Asian languages.

  • Parameters on keyframe editor stay selected when modified.

  • Timeline buttons resizing fixed for large fonts.

2013-08-05 Release Candidate 1

Bug fixes:

  • Adjustments to the keyframe editor tweening settings and document properties page.

  • Constraint parallel views going into endless loop of messages -problem fixed.

  • View flipping fixed.

  • Animation tree has an Expand all option.

  • Better undo in the expression editor.

  • Grayed out monitor controls have been fixed.

  • Groups selected in document highlight in animation tree.

2013-07-30 Beta 18


  • Beta 18 terminates support for Rhino 4.0.

  • Requires Rhino 5 SR 5 in order to work.


  • MCL update to version 6.2.0.

  • Expressions support object constraints.

  • BongoAnimationSets command has scripting option.

  • Updated to Rhino 5.0 licensing system.

Bug fixes:

  • Nested toolbar commands crash fixed.

  • Animation mode lockup fixed.

  • Tweening works for view location (spherical).

  • Crash fixed in view rotation calculation.

  • Keyframe editor flicker improved.

  • Clipping calculation improved.

  • Per object IK goal error displays document values now when disabled.

  • Scale commands scale pivot.

  • IK solver uses cached solutions.

  • Keyframe editor tweening section edit boxes display showing -0.000 has been fixed.

  • Fixed memoryleak when rendering an animation with “overwrite existing frames” turned off.

  • Timeline reset function takes display range into account.

  • BongoAnimationLimits command extended with “Enable” option.

  • Timeline display range rounding error fixed.

  • Plug-in menu entry for Bongo Help fixed.

  • Interaction between Keyframe Editor and Curve Editor improved.

  • View animation indicators update when enabling/disabling views.

  • Keyframe deletion updates the timeline.

  • Animation manager context menu disappearing when keyframe editor visible problem fixed.

  • Copying of animated objects fixed.

  • BongoShowViewPath command works again.

  • Animation color restore function works.

  • BongoRenderAnimation command scripable version fixed.

  • BongoAdvancedHierarchySettings command scriptable version fixed.

  • Keyframe editor remembers position now.

  • Camera up vector animation under constraint conditions works like Bongo 1.0 now.

  • Editing a #……# in the expression editor and jumping to the end of the line problem fixed.

  • Focus rect removed from timline.

  • Animation limits visibility default value fixed.

  • BongoRegister command and menu removed (obsolete).

  • Duplicated strings in view properties dialog removed.

  • Old Bongo 1.0 robot arm proxy tutorial fixed.

  • “This view is currently animated. Do you want to disable animation for this view?” message pops up when rendering problem fixed.

  • FPS setting taken into account when creating video out of frames.

2013-04-23: Public Beta 17


  • MCL update to version 6.1.2

  • Error tolerance can now be set per IK goal.

  • Continues option for animation preview added to document properties.

  • BongoAnimateEntity command.

  • Added All option to the BongoDeleteKeyframe command.

  • Bongo help (English only).

  • Remove animation and remove keyframes has been added to context menu items in animation manager.

  • Pressing F2 makes it possible to rename objects in the Animation Manager.

  • Expand all context menu to items in the animation manager.

  • Objects in animation manager are now sorted alphabetically.

  • Default tweening tangent type can now be changed.

Bug fixes:

  • String and UI changes made for localization and documentation.

  • IK precalution step minimum set to 2.

  • Timeline resetting when enabling/disabling animation limits problem fixed.

  • Bongo commands wakes up Bongo when its set to sleep.

  • Layers can now be selected in commands (e.g. BongoScaleKeyframe) for layer keyframe manipulation.

  • Fixed a crash in BongoRenderFileCollection dialog when adding files.

  • Fixed a crash when opening models with IK data.

  • Render animation video output default type changed to WMV.

  • BongoScaleKeyframe renamed to BongoScaleKeyframes.

  • Color option changes to pivot path work now.

  • Keyframe editor tree updates in Show only animated properties mode and new properties are added.

  • Only one codec compression dialog allowed at a time.

  • BongoNamedViewsAnimation command changed to BongoNamedViewsWizard.

  • Fixed View is animated popup during rendering.

  • Camera rotation accepts minus values.

  • Camera rotation angle wrapping fixed.

2013-02-08: Public Beta 16


  • Timeline limits bar color configurable.

  • Timeline keyframe color configurable.

  • Colors option seperated from options dialog.

  • Defaults button added to options dialog.

  • Object keyframe menu allows to selection of objects.

  • Buttons on Animation manager to switch between default and IK view.

  • Added BongoResetPivot command.

Bug fixes:

  • New animation set name now called Animation instead of Document.

  • BongoAnimations command changed to BongoAnimationSets.

  • Fixed crash when dragging control points.

  • Controls rearranged on render animation dialog.

  • Fixed crash when autosave executes during loading of Bongo (MessageBox on screen).

  • Removed duplicated file types from render animation dialog.

  • Fixed crash when animating lights.

  • Dragging of timeline limits bar fixed.

  • UI application settings removed from SDK.

  • Removed object and view copy, move, delete and add keyframe commands.

  • Keyframes do not get deleted when crossed over by another keyframe while dragging.

  • Rhino’s scale command does not reset the object pivot anymore.

  • CameraToObject and TargetToObject constraint only add one keyframe when assigned.

  • BongoScaleKeyframe command rounds non-integer numbers correctly.

  • Copying values out of the object monitor works now.

  • Reset option added to BongoMovePivot and BongoRotatePivot command.

  • Animating a sphere sets the pivot to the center of the bounding box.

  • Copy, move keyframe dialog gets focus to edit box and reacts to return press.

  • Camera zoom (lens length) change adds keyframe in animation mode.

2012-12-19: Public Beta 15

Bug fixes:

  • Keyframe editor: keyframe selection highlights connected items in tree.

  • Expression syntax errors extended.

  • Crash fixed when timeline tick range defaults changed.

  • Monitor edit boxes take global digits setting into account.

  • Result box added to expression section.

  • Implicit object angle expression calculation fixed.

  • Fixed monitor and implicit ObjectAngle and WorldAngle jumps.

  • Constraints removed from keyframe editor tree when target deleted from document.

  • Properties shown in keyframe editor that have no keyframes but expressions when “Only show animated paramters” option is turned on.

  • Version switch for Windows XP fixed.

2012-12-03: Public Beta 14

Bug fixes:

  • Delay loading of SDK added.

  • Beta running on Rhino 5.0 eval now.

  • Automatic beta expire date generation added.

  • Logging of version switch improved.

  • Version switch deleting a key/value in the alternate registry view works now.

2012-10-25: Public Beta 13

Bug fixes:

  • Animation manager started up empty in Rhino 5.0 -problem fixed.

  • Keyframe editor tree note expanding state memorized and selection keeping improved.

  • Keyframe editor has a general section now.

  • Step tweening works with 3d parameters.

  • Clipping bounding box calculation improved.

  • Crash/hang fixed when objects were constraint to themselves. This could happen when using animation property match command.

  • Morphing of curves fixed.

  • Crash fixed when adding precalculated keyframes.

  • MPEG fps check disabled when video creation disabled.

  • Lock up fixed when previewing document with disabled animated entities.

  • Disabled animated constrain targets taken into account now.

  • RDK content flagged as surrogate (Plug-in owner of material not loaded) removed from animated object list.

  • Keyframe dragging on timeline improved (speed).

  • IK precalculation progress improved.

  • Step tweening removed from 3d curve path.

  • Fixed text disappearance in the Video encoder when resized.

  • Video encoder output video file name is incremented when already available.

  • NamedView restore command adds keyframe when animation mode on.

  • NamedView restore command deleted user data on active view fixed.

  • BongoDeleteObjectKeyframe command deleted the whole animation, now it only remove keyframes.

  • General object properties section changed to have a row of command buttons.

2012-09-14: Public Beta 12

Bug fixes:

  • Crash in object properties expressions (e.g. visibility) fixed.

  • Messages for view user data changes improved.

  • Crash fixed when drag-deleting keyframes in timeline.

  • “Bad geometry” bug fixed.

  • Disable animated view dialog box pops up when not needed in Rhino 4.0.

  • Custom tweening for view constraints works now.

  • Timeline view keyframes update when view replaced by named view with animation data.

  • Timeline & Curve editor: context menu cursor changed to cursor.

  • Joint limits enabling/disabling hides/shows the needed UI.

  • TravelDistance expression fixed.

  • Object property general section split into more sub sections.

  • Changing constraint heading works again.

  • Dragging constraint object in animation mode will create keyframe (Bongo 1.0 feature).

  • LookAt and ToPivot constraint only add one keyframe when assigned.

  • Constrain parameter disabled in keyframe editor for LookAt and ToPivot constraints.

  • Precision property for edit boxes added.

  • Crash fix when editing expressions.

  • Crash fix when dragging lights.

  • Wrong plug-in version error handling improved.

2012-05-28: Public Beta 11


  • Render animation dialog has option for setting view capture delay.

  • Scene updating while dragging keyframes on timeline.

  • System added to prompt/warn user of view user data loss.

  • Load/Save options added to context menu on animation manager.

Bug fixes:

  • More support/fixes for localization added.

  • Render animation dialog: resolution type and chosen viewport remembered.

  • Protection added for autosave and closing Rhino during rendering an animation.

  • Added help and default buttons to object properties/keyframe editor sections.

  • Timeline edit controls - up/down icon visible when dragging spinners.

  • Selection in curve editor stays when dragging keyframe on timeline.

  • Keyframe selection synchronisation between timeline and keyframe editor improved.

  • Reset button added to timeline.

  • Show curve editor command added to timeline menu.

  • BongoLoadEntityFromFile working again.

  • Notification on startup added to notify user that Rhino version is loading incompatible version of Bongo.

  • Default video type changed to mpeg.

  • Object hierarchy setting reflect global settings.

  • Added “not accessible” message to monitor when values cannot be extracted from matrix.

  • Changed message box text when animated views get replaced by named views.

  • Animation manager entity context menu calls UI version of loading and saving.

  • Rotate and Scale command run Bongo version of commands when animation button pressed.

  • Group improvement in animation manager.

  • IK crash bug fix (tick 0 unsolved).

  • Texture icon in animation manager fixed.

  • Look Along camera constraint supports length parameter to match Bongo 1.0.

2012-03-23: Public Beta 10a

Bug fixes:

  • Localization bug

2012-03-22: Public Beta 10


  • Added Bongo 1.0 command BongoBonusSaveObjectCSVFile as BongoSaveObjectCSVFile.

Bug fixes:

  • Document tolerance for IK error calculation changed to customizable values for translation, rotation and scaling.

  • Another keyframe selection synchronization improvement.

  • Reticle draw color cleanup added (sun was painted red).

  • Localization problems fixed.

  • Messages printed to show edition when Bongo loads.

  • Crash in morphing code fixed.

  • Scrollbar added to Bongo document options page.

  • Bongo options page checkbox strings cut off fixed.

  • Changed BongoKeyframeEditorCmd name to BongoKeyframeEditor.

  • Frames radio button deactivates the others and remains on.

  • File output location: Same as 3DM file option is clickable.

  • Keyframe parameters sorted in curve and keyframe editor.

  • Position parameter stays selected when toggling 3dTweening option.

  • Turned off events on tree control when hidden.

  • Multiple items selection state remembered.

  • Expression position parameter works again.

  • Monitor improved.

  • History updates when transforming objects (preview not supported).

  • Test command BongoObjectWorldTransforms removed.

  • Object rotation space changed to World as a default to match Bongo 1.0.

  • Animation sets with IK settings will update correctly when switching between sets.

  • Adding an empty/precalculated keyframe gives correct value type for position.

  • When Tweening setting Input/Output match is set it displays correct values.

  • Keyframe editor position values accepted when varies.

  • Copied objects with Bongo data works proper.

  • Animation manager updates when entity gets renamed.

  • Keyframe editor updates when constrain deleted.

  • Copy/Paste via CtrlC and CtrlV works in the Keyframe Editor input boxes.

  • Clicking off Animation Manager selects the root item.

  • Matched the behaviour of edit box changes.

  • Constrain keyframes deleted when last constrain removed.

  • BongoTimelineDeleteTicks command prompt fixed.

  • Animation sets got context menu and can be activated by mouse click.

  • IK system updates when parent-child relations changes.

  • BongoMatchAnimationProperties updates animation manager if needed.

  • Extended object context menu in animation manager.

  • Option added to show/hide decoration on hidden objects.

  • BongoTimelineInsertTicks does not pop up unnecessary message box.

  • World/Object space rotation fixed.

  • Fixed undo of timeline edit boxes.

  • A joint and a constraint pivot functionality fixed.

  • Curve path display fixed for objects with rotation keyframes.

  • Timeline: multiple keyframe drag fixed.

  • IK UI improved.

2012-01-18: Public Beta 9


  • Expression evaluator: asin, acos, atan and constant for Pi (pi) added.

  • Added implicit expression: ObjectAngleX, ObjectAngleY and ObjectAngleZ.

  • object transform monitor added.

Bug fixes:

  • BongoObjectSetParent renamed to BongoSelectParent.

  • Clipping improved (animated point objects pivot often not fully displayed).

  • Scene updates when objects are moved in unanimated state.

  • Timeline and keyframe editor keyframe selection synchronization fixed.

  • Fixed crash that happened during saving.

  • User data deletion on viewport detected.

  • Fixed crash during opening of a file.

  • BongoScale/BongoRotate automatically executed when running Rhino rotate/scale command.

  • Moved overlapping controls in Render animation dialog.

  • Codec info display updates when changing video type.

  • Switching 3d tweening updates keyframe and curve editor UI.

  • Look along curve normal at frame 0 fixed.

  • When viewport in shaded mode you can now change the transform data using the arrows.

  • Expression for Position Z based on Position X fixed (expressions can use parameters pointing back to own object).

  • Animation manager icon background changed.

  • Animation manager: double click on object opens keyframe editor.

  • Animation manager: animation set menu allows to switch to other set.

  • Animation Sets: “current state” check boxes replaced.

  • Expression error messaging improved.

  • Expression text wrapping works.

  • Tab order on dialogs fixed.

  • Joint axis controls changed for non universal types.

  • Reset option added to BongoChangeConstraintHeading command.

  • Disabled animated objects not transformed anymore.

  • Timeline compact mode remembered between sessions.

  • Keyframe editor section state remembered.

  • Bug in constrained view target fixed.

2011-12-09: Public Beta 8


  • Object Look Along constraint with curve normal stabilization added.

  • Command added to reset IK BongoObjectResetIk.

  • IK enable/disable button added to the timeline.

Bug fixes:

  • Parent child connection display updates during child selection in LinkChain command.

  • BongoMatchAnimationProperties command copies expressions and parameter weight.

  • Joint section works for multiple selected objects now.

  • Cancelation of the IK precalculation will reset the IK and ask the user if he wants to disable IK.

  • Events added for Animation Set changes. [internal]

  • Items in the Animation Manager are all listed under Animation Set root item.

  • Double-clicking a keyframe pops up the Keyframe Editor with the right item preselected.

  • Minor selection bug in animation manager fixed.

  • Animation Set: Duplicates are made from the current selection in the list.

  • Constrain to original position object IK option fixed.

  • Copy/Paste an animated object updates the animation manager.

  • Changes to constraint tweening are taken in count now.

  • Weighting disabled when expression usage set to added.

  • Expression on boolean parameter (e.g. visibility) works.

  • Changes to constraint tweeing are taken in count now.

2011-11-23: Public Beta 7


  • Added BongoRotatePivot command.

  • Added BongoObjectSetParent command.

  • WorldAngleX, WorldAngleY and WorldAngleZ implicit expressions added.

  • IK ball joint replaced with universal joint.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the scale and rotate command.

  • Constrain To Original Position option should be stable now. It was jumping when IK properties got changed.

  • Parameter names changed from Position X to PositionX.

  • Expressions autocompletion improved.

  • TravelDistance expression fixed.

  • The Bongo Splashscreen freezing Rhino problem has been solved.

  • Groups display correctly in the Animation Manager now.

  • “Goal not reached” IK message visible again.

  • Morphed surfaces are now visible in shaded mode.

  • Curve Editor: constraints curves are scaled correctly.

  • Animation dialog: Keyframe range works correctly now.

2011-10-24: Public Beta 6


  • Added implicit expression: WorldX, WorldY, WorldZ, TravelDistance.

  • Added auto completion for entities and parameters in expression editor.

Bug fixes:

  • Copying a keyframe takes tweening into account.

  • Changed expression section hint.

  • Curve editor graph matches object transform in viewport.

  • Keyframes updates in Keyframe Editor when moved on the timeline.

  • Added animate button to the Curve Editor.

  • Added animate menu item.

  • Menu updates enable state.

  • Added resize limits to curve control.

  • Adding rotation/scale to an object from the timeline only adds the data for the selected axis.

  • Added check for invalid constraints.

  • Invalid constraints are grayed out in the constraint manager.

  • New icons for add, delete, duplicate and edit.

  • Bongo Looping menu item in Animation Manager works.

  • Fixed Bongo Animation Limit dialog box caption.

  • View is animated notification improved.

  • Expressions can use parameters pointing back to own object.

  • Render Animation: Frames to render values in synch.

  • Text fixed on keyframe move and copy dialog.

  • View simple constraints enabled by default.

  • Fixed time interpolation (sun studies).

  • Fixed evaluation check.

  • Fixed crash in morphing code.

  • Fixed crash when plug-in fails to load.

  • Fixed crash when dragging keyframes on timeline.

  • Fixed shutdown crashes.

  • Fixed a bug in expression parsing.

  • Animation manager as tab in Rhino 5.0 builds added.

  • Improved object transformation in Rhino 5.0.

  • Keyframe editor menu item works no when UI plug-in is not loaded.

  • Added Snap In Place option to BongoSelctChildren command and right drag in animation manager.

  • Curve and Keyframe editor trees support context menu.

  • Fixed crash when dialog opened on top of splash screen.

  • Rotation order on object sticks again.

2011-08-23: Public Beta 5a


  • Added duplication of animation sets.

Bug fixes:

  • Boolean keyframe interpolation fixed. Effected for example the animation of layer On/Off-ness.

  • Change button size on entity properties page.

  • Added hard coded strings to localization file.

  • Changed view properties page caption.

  • Fixed the tooltips on view property buttons.

  • Renaming of object names used in expressions will modify expression to match new name.

  • Animation Set Dialog got a clean up.

  • Fixed a crash bug in animation manager.

  • Changed icons on constraint and named view dialog.

  • Named View Animation dialog: active view selected now on startup, keyframes deleted when option enabled.

  • Timeline: delete ticks does delete instead of insert.

2011-07-29: Public Beta 5


  • Step Tweening

  • Expressions

Bug fixes:

  • Curve control and timeline synchronization improved.

  • Curve control zoom and pan made more usable.

  • Curve control grid drawing improved.

  • Curve control got controls for zoom window, zoom extent and show/hide tree.

  • Keyframe editor displays the sections correctly now.

  • Keyframe editor border on edit boxes has been fixed for Windows 7.

  • Crash bug fix which happend on complex parent-child setups (inherit settings).

  • Timeline and keyframe editors keyframe synchronization improved.

  • Rhino 4.0: Bongo UI updates when drag/drop a 3dm file onto Rhino:

  • Minor bug fixes.

  • IK: joint axis mixup fixed when multiple priority levels on joints;

  • IK: Joint axis now enabled for rubberband and telescopic joints.

  • 64-bit support for Video encoding from Render Animation command.

  • 64-bit support for Bongo Video Texture.

2011-03-31: Public Beta 4

Bug fixes:

  • IK re-calculation improved.

  • Removed unnecessary updating of the UI.

  • Added menu support for groups in Animation Manager.

  • Curve Editor handles easing now.

  • Travel path displayed correctly in Curve Editor.

  • Easing section on Keyframe Editor correctly disables when custom tangent selected.

  • Bongo Morphing animates grip points changed through script.

  • Keyframe Editor shows properties from all entity types (light, layer, object etc) again.

  • Curve Editor left limit set to 0.

  • Object transformation updates correctly when being dragged while animation mode is turned off.

  • Advanced Hierarchy Settings are implemented now.

  • Ik-calculation hangs up on model on opening fixed.

  • 64-bit Bongo 2.0 has been updated to work with the new Rhino 5.0 WIP.

2011-02-18: Public Beta 3


  • Render Animation dialog: added more options to specify the frames to be rendered.

Bug fixes:

  • Memory leak when rendering an animation.

  • Render Animation dialog: Fps value can be manually entered.

  • Render Animation dialog: Changing the start and stop tick will change the animation limits.

  • Timeline slider will update position while rendering an animation.

  • Animated views from Bongo 1.0 files import correctly.

  • Curve editor: Custom tangent supported.

  • Named view animation dialog: Drag/drop added.

  • Named view animation dialog: Views gets sorted.

  • Named view animation dialog: Selection kept when changing view position.

  • Named view animation dialog: Check box added to select/deselect all views.

  • Localization bug in the render animation dialog.

  • More robust morphing.

  • Problem in the Bongo Version Switch.

  • Animation manager: Refresh (flicker) problem fixed.

  • Curve editor: Tree and graph resizes correctly.

  • IK – recalculation when resizing a viewport – problem fixed.

  • IK updates when deleting a simple constraint from a chain.

  • Animation manager updates when changing the name of an animated group.

  • Turning off the pivot display works.

  • Animation Manager: Groups can be renamed.

  • Timeline display range is saved.

  • Keyframe Editor: Added splitter to resize tree/editor.

  • Removed double redrawing of named view keyframes.

  • The “disable view animation” message, when changing active view problem is solved.

  • The pivots now remain unchanged when the Scale command is applied on animated objects.

  • Added setting to change default animation tick length.

  • Undo problem when changing timeline tick range.

  • Keyframe scaling command accepts rational numbers.

  • Scaling command direction option “left” back.

  • Menu added to the timeline Play -button to change animation mode.

  • Double clicking the timeline slider allows tick number changing/editing.

  • Render Animation: File type list updates according to selected renderer.

2010-12-13: Public Beta 2


  • Missing features added (smart object dragging).

  • Added BongoDeleteKeyframe command.

  • Added BongoCopyKeyframe command.

  • Added BongoMoveKeyframe command.

  • Added BongoScaleKeyframe command.

  • BongoTimelineInsertTicks command added.

  • Commands added to import and export animation data (BongoLoadEntityToFile & BongoSaveEntityToFile)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a few memory leaks.

  • Travel path on curve editor takes tweening easing into account.

  • Removed tree-panel collapsing control from keyframe editor.

  • Changed visual settings on curve control.

  • Object properties page updates now when changing current selection.

  • Options dialog control background color fixed.

  • Proxy name fixed.

  • Fixed localization bugs.

  • Changed the command to add keyframes to entities.

  • Fixed a crash on exit.

  • Animation frame/reticle draws now also in shadow/rendered mode.

  • Removed debug print to command line.

  • Keyframe editor flicker fixed.

  • Check added to verify that entered keyframe parameters are in range/valid.

  • Added scene updates when entity properties changed (animation manager).

  • View flips back now when user does not want to disable it while manipulating when animation mode off.

  • Keyframe editor timeline updates when dragging/deleting keyframes on Timeline dockbar.

  • BongoAddKeyframe command extended with tweening properties.

  • Removed custom tangent type section from tweening sections.

  • Animation mode disables when closing/hiding timeline.

  • Video encoder cuts of underscore in video name generated from frame.

  • Changed threshold check box position in tweening sections.

  • Option added to turn off smart dragging for multiple objects.

  • Render animation default path extended with “Animation” subfolder.

  • Animation mode disabled when rendering.

  • Render animation stops now when user does not agree to create output folder.

  • Textures stay on objects when rendering an animation.

  • Bongo decorations not displayed anymore when rendering animation.

  • Option added to show/hide object constraint heading.

  • Added text to named view dialog to explain drop down list.

  • Added tick(s) deletion and insertion to timeline.

  • Copy/Paste an animated from one document to another works now.

  • Render file collection added.

  • Email notification finished (prototype).

  • Restore expanded state in tree only worked on visible items. Now works on whole tree.

2010-10-20: Public Beta 1

Bug fixes:

  • Bongo performance improved.

  • Tooltips on object properties general section fixed.

  • Removed the “Invalid parameter” message from the simple constraint dialog.

  • Improved stopping/pausing of animation preview.

  • Disabled Rhino while previewing animation.

  • Animation manager display mode always defaults back to Normal mode now.

  • UI settings now always set to defaults when opening new document.

  • IK pre-calculation progress shown on Rhinos status bar now.

  • Timeline thumb moving when pre-calculating IK solution, has been fixed.

  • Improved commands to make them work with toolbar.

  • Added support for localization.

  • Internal system changes.

  • Changed error message when Bongo SDK is unavailable.

  • Various crashes and memory leaks fixed.

  • Anti-clipping improved.

  • IK tag option added to properties command.

  • Command added to change IK document properties.

  • IK properties added to Bongo document UI.

  • Timeline has a reset option on context menu now.

  • Timeline / curve tick position thumb updates correctly when opening new model.

  • RRP tweening settings now sticking

  • Keyframe editor keyframe selection synchronizes correctly when opened first time.

  • Sun (document) keyframes updates correctly on timeline.

  • Travel ease controls works for tweening.

  • Default values for translation axis fixed.

  • Added “sleep” mode to Bongo in order to disable it.

  • Added animation mode reticle.

  • Fixed the render progress window caption.

  • Set Keyframe editor window style “tool window”.

  • Fixed a bug where objects could not be reselected in animation manager.

  • Timeline now updating when woken up while floating.

  • Fixed bits and pieces in animation manager.

  • Non-animated parent object accepts children assignments now.

  • Advanced hierarchy controls enables correctly now for the root item.

  • Undo for tracking stop works as expected now.

  • Synchronization between Timeline and Curve Editor has been improved.

  • Improved view animation.

  • Video texture had missing localized strings.

2010-08-25: Public WIP 12


  • Morphing: first test implementation added.

  • Bongo 2.0 toolbar.

  • Support for RDK properties extended. It’s now possible to animate material for example.

  • New icons for object pivot modes and for IK nodes in the tree dialog.

Bug fixes:

  • Bongo Switch: shows correctly which versions of Bongo are installed.

  • Bongo Switch: handles toolbar switching.

  • Animation manager updates when restoring named views with animation data.

  • Broken menu commands works now.

  • Bongo toolbar installed in a folder that can be accessed by Windows.

  • View event watcher improved.

  • IK chains used the same joints twice in certain situations, this has now been fixed.

  • Named views added to a separate menu on the “Add Keyframe” Timeline menu.

  • Reduced Keyframe Editor UI space.

  • Double clicking curve point opens Keyframe Editor now.

  • Fixed memory leaks.

  • Improved IK solving.

  • Speeded up the time slider in the Curve Editor.

  • Edit box text is properly disabled looking on themed Windows.

  • Color picker button and combo box resizes correctly in the Keyframe Editor.

  • Added a scroll bar to the combo box in the Keyframe Editor.

  • Fixed problem with animated objects getting automatically renamed when document opened. This happened in specific situations.

  • BongoAddObjectKeyframe command takes the chosen axis into account.

  • Curve Editor Update: has a legend, travel path for 3D parameters, double-clicking a point opens editor.

  • Tooltips on object constraint dialog show correct info.

  • BongoConstrainObjectLookAt and BongoConstrainObjectLookAlong command ask to pick constraint heading.

  • BongoChangeConstraintHeading has a “Use Current” option and correctly applies the axis picked from the Use Axis option.

  • Show pivot path option in UI can be turned off.

  • Draw pivot points on path gets disabled when pivot path is turned off.

  • Removed None option from object joint type. Joint can be disabled when switched to simple pivot.

  • Problem with Undo leaving duplicated objects in the document has been fixed.

  • Checks added to see if object parent is animated.

  • Fixed a memory leak caused by the Animation Manager.

2010-05-27: Public WIP 11


  • Support for 64-bit Rhino 5.0 Work-in-progress releases.

Bug fixes:

  • Group support added.

  • Stacked document support.

  • Auto threshold for ease in/out added on tweening section in keyframe editor.

  • Bongo 1.0 tweening data imported to Bongo 2.0.

  • Looping added for objects (missing feature).

  • Dialog section state now remembered.

  • IK text changed into symbols.

  • Animation Manager dragging restrictions works now.

  • Lights and objects combined on Animation Manager.

  • Mode added to Animation Manager to show IK chains.

  • Render animation progress % now calculates correct.

  • Clicking on item name in constraint manager chooses the object correctly now.

  • The pause value stays correct when rearranging items in the named view dialog.

  • Updated RDK installs with Bongo again.

  • Delete button on object constraints section works again.

  • Path constraints now work as expected when maximizing views in Rhino 4.0.

  • More space between animation manager items.

  • Changes to the Animation preview settings have an effect now.

  • Fixed the “forwards-backwards” animation preview behavior.

  • Lights now add a keyframe when moving them, even though animation mode is off.

  • Problems with moving lights when animate button is off, has been fixed.

  • Animation data can now be removed from members of IK chains.

2010-04-21: Public WIP 10


  • Positional weighting for views added.

  • BongoPreCalculateIk command added for manual calculation

Bug fixes:

  • Object constraint heading y-axis not flipping anymore.

  • Bongo object constraint command operate on multiple objects now.

  • Bongo positional weighting for objects added (missing feature).

  • Possibility to switch between transforms (keyframes, constraints) added.

  • IK pre-calculation cancellation improved.

  • Moved object constraint managers to the properties dialog.

  • Changed the constraint UI.

  • IK viewport color can be customized.

  • Fixed drawing of camera path.

  • Unanimated views removed from animation manager.

  • Parent-Child links can be turned off now.

  • Reactor added when moving IK members or constraint targets.

  • Added Bongo UI to RDK ViewDockBar.

  • Memory leak in IK system fixed.

  • NamedView edit box in keyframe editor now resizes.

  • Copy command, copy-paste, insert and import commands are supported now.

  • Objects now selected in all viewport when picked in animation manager.

  • Animated object name counter changes now correctly when copying objects and re-opening a model.

  • Last timeline position now saved with the model.

  • Crash fixed when deleting keyframes of an object that is constraint to a path.

  • Light support improved.

  • BongoMatchObjectProperties command has been fixed.

  • View based pivot is now working properly.

  • Keyframe editor position and state now saved.

  • Tweening parameters on object properties now supported.

  • More Bongo 1.0 data imported.

2010-03-10: Public WIP 9

Bug fixes:

  • IK precalculation in endless loop when multiple chains.

  • Improved Animation Manager.

  • Check for update menu item enabled in non release mode.

  • Lots of improvements made to the Curve Editor.

  • Default joint is changed to be Hinge.

  • Joint text now update when joint is changed to simple pivot.

  • Joint types now include limits.

  • Ghosted keyframes on timeline now moves/deletes as expected.

  • Pause button is more responsive.

  • Speed up pivot and curve path drawing.

2010-02-09: Public WIP 8

Bug fixes:

  • AddKeyframe context menu added to the Timeline.

  • Improved the Bongo Undo.

  • The Tweening section on Keyframe Editor UI does now enable/disable when adding parameter through UI.

  • Keyframe Editor: Tree/Editor splitter not using full dialog height.

  • Tree/Model selection/Highlight feedback added.

  • Keyframe editor looses selection.

  • Precalculated constraints now updates correctly.

  • Curve Editor now supports constraints.

  • Curve Editor updates when new keyframe added.

  • Bongo 1.0 view constraints now imports correctly into Bongo 2.0.

  • The Curve Editor now supports the Rhino sun.

  • Turning Ortho (F8) on/off while adding animation now works correctly.

  • IK text can now be turned on or off.

2010-01-12: Public WIP 7


  • Bongo is now inactive until used.

  • RPC support (RPC Plug-in test command: RpcSetAnimationFrame)

Bug fixes:

  • Memory leaks.

  • Crashes on shutdown.

  • Lots of stability issues fixed.

2009-10-19: Public WIP 6


  • Added BongoAddKeyframe command.

  • Mode added to collapse timeline keyframes.

  • Animatable named views.

  • Animatable RDK content (Bongo video texture).

Bug fixes:

  • Parallel view animation was broken.

  • “Disable animated view” messages pops up when previewing.

  • Animation manager: parent child links not showing up correctly.

  • Animation manager: view constraints misplaced.

  • Control resizing in object properties joint and constraint sections was broken.

  • Timeline resizing was broken.

  • Parallel view animation was broken.

  • IK precalculation went wrong when model opened before Bongo UI.

  • Problem with IK cache reset.

  • Constraints show up in Animation Manager.

  • Object jumps when adding first keyframe at position 0.

2009-09-08: Public WIP 5


  • Added animatable light properties.

Bug fixes:

  • Problem with saving Bongo data has now been fixed.

  • Copying/moving keyframes ignored constraint parameters.

  • Timeline flickers when adding keyframes.

  • Transformation controls on timeline stay disabled in certain situations.

  • Timeline slider lost when zooming.

  • Bongo commands to check in/out licenses missing.

  • Crash when entering wrong CD keys.

  • Memory leak.

  • Crash on shutdown.

  • BongoPreviewAnimation command missing.

2009-08-12: Public WIP 4


  • Added animatable layer properties.

  • Keyframe selection control added on keyframe editor.

Bug fixes:

  • Improved Bongo System Reporter.

  • Bongo Version Switch now supports Rhino 5.

2009-06-15: Public WIP 3


  • Added animatable document properties (RDK Sun)

Bug fixes:

  • Crash on Rhino exit.

  • Crash when rendering with Flamingo.

  • Cannot remove object constraints.

  • Error message pops up when “viewport display” chosen as renderer.

  • BongoLinkChain only allows to pick one child.

  • Groups do not display in animation manager.

  • Animated view jumps (view up-vector animation broken).

  • Crash when enabling a view for animation.

  • Version switch sets Bongo 1.0 to “load on startup” mode.

2009-05-12: Public WIP 2


  • Switching joint type from ball to hinge set the pivot to simple mode

  • Video Encoder did not work correctly

  • IK has a document option for pre-calculation.

  • Added more animatable object properties.

  • Added support for writing WMV and OGV video file formats

Bug fixes:

  • Switching joint type from ball to hinge set the pivot to simple mode.

  • Video Encoder did not work correctly

  • Telescopic type did not stick and switched back to universal joint.

  • First rendered frame was named incorrectly

2009-04-22: Public WIP 1


  • Inverse Kinematics.

  • Improved timeline and keyframe editor.

  • Curve Editor

  • Multiple animations per file.


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