Eldorado's Prater, Junction's Strickland named All-West Texas Track MVPs (2024)

Eldorado's Prater, Junction's Strickland named All-West Texas Track MVPs (1)

Two Athletes of the Year and three Coaches of the Year were selected for the 2022 San Angelo Standard-Times All-West Texas Track and Field Team.

Eldorado High School’s Logan Prater was selected as the 2022 All-West Texas Track Athlete of the Year.

Junction’s Ella Strickland was the 2022 All-West Texas Field Athlete of the Year.

Eldorado girls head coach Kelsey Fillmon, Irion County girls head coach Jacob Conner and San Angelo Central boys head coach Keith Meek were each named as a Coach of the Year.

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Prater, a sophom*ore, qualified forthe UIL State Track and Field Championships in five individual events and brought home four medals. She won the Class 2A girls long jump, was second in the 100-meter hurdles and triple jump, third in the 200 and fifth in the 100 giving her the highest individual point total of any Class 2A girl. Her efforts helped Eldorado to a third-place team trophy with 38 points.

Prater made her mark on the West Texas Bests track and field performance list for Class 3A and smaller schools in the Standard-Times coverage area. She had the West Texas Best time of 12.35 seconds in the 100, 38 feet, 7 ½ inches in the triple jump and 18-2 ½ in the long jump. She had the second-best time in the 100 hurdles (15.00) and 200 (25.42).

Eldorado's Prater, Junction's Strickland named All-West Texas Track MVPs (2)

Moving from Sunray, north of Amarillo, to Junction for her senior season, Strickland lived up to her previous accomplishments. The defending Class 2A champ and state-meet record holder in the girls pole vault, Strickland not only repeated as state champ and improved on her 2A record, but she cleared a personal-best 13-9 ¼ to eclipse the entire state-meet record.

She only got to hold that record for 24 hours as two competitors in the Class 6A competition on the final day of the three-day state meet bettered her new standard but Strickland was the West Texas Best by more than 2 ½ feet.She also won a gold medal in the 100 hurdles and was third in the 300 hurdles. Her time of 14.48 in the 100 hurdles and 45.74 in the 300s were the West Texas Bests.

Fillmon, in her second season coaching at Eldorado, had two qualifiers forthe Class 2A state meet in seven events and they scored 38 points to finish third in the team standings. The same two athletes also finished second in the team standings at the Region I-2A meet.

Conner, in his 10th season coaching for the Lady Hornets, had four qualifiers forthe Class 1A state meet in four events and they scored 30 points to finish third in the team standings. The Lady Hornets also tied for the Region II-1A team title. Conner is a former Coach of the Year pick on the All-West Texas Girls Basketball Team during his tenure at Irion County.

Meek capped his coaching career with the first district title for the Bobcats since 1996. The former San Angelo Lake View and Angelo State University track athlete coached his 29th season at Central in a 32-year career. The Bobcats also won a program-first area meet title. He had eight qualifiers in four individual events and two relays to the Region I-6A meet.

In addition to the superlative awards, there are 68All-West Texas medalists from schools like San Angelo Central and San Angelo Lake View all the way to Richland Springs.

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Girls All-West Texas medalists are:

  • Ryleigh Bryant, Richland Springs
  • Skyylynn Carroll, San Angelo Lake View
  • Payton Conner, Sterling City
  • Eliza Cope, Mason
  • Jessica Garcia, Eldorado
  • Ashlynn Hall, Paint Rock
  • Harper 4x200 relay (Talli Millican, Alli Price, Sloan Spenrath, Emma Strickland)
  • Alliyah Harrison, Veribest
  • Nevaeh Hearne, Central
  • Irion County girls 4x100 relay (Berkley Callaway, Audrey Tillman, Zoe Williams, Kaegen James)
  • Emily Jackson, Bronte
  • Kaegen James, Irion County
  • Tristin Keller, Mason
  • Kamryn Loeffler, Mason
  • Addison Martin, Ballinger
  • Mason 4x400 relay (Kinsley Jordan, Tori Perlichek, Brooklyn Gleghorn, Eliza Cope)
  • Peyton Mayberry, Central
  • Makenna McMillan, Central
  • Aleena Nelson, Forsan
  • Lauren Olson, Mason
  • Kaylee Price, Harper
  • Jordan Rae, Coleman
  • Lesli Salas, Cornerstone Christian
  • Brylee Stewart, Junction
  • Water Valley 4x200 relay (Jayden Gomez, Kylie Bradley, Emily Crawford, Natalie Treadaway)
  • Kamryn Williams, Wall

Boys All-West Texas medalists are:

  • Weston Blackwelder, Sterling City
  • Jadeyn Bryant, Richland Springs
  • Trevin Coffell, Irion County
  • Tayte Cormier, Irion County
  • Brandon Cruz, Lake View
  • Jacob English, Central
  • Noah Escamilla, Robert Lee
  • Garden City 4x400 relay (Mason Walker, John Lopez, Denton Roe, Sebastian Balcazar)
  • Jasper Glass, Cornerstone Christian
  • Fernando Gonzalez, Sonora
  • Jordan Harrison, Irion County
  • Jett Jackson, Bronte
  • Kas Johnson, Sterling City
  • Raven Ortiz, Central
  • D.J. Powell, Brady
  • Devinar Roberson, Coleman
  • David Salas, Cornerstone Christian
  • Central 4x100 relay (Raven Ortiz, Cole McWilliams, Landon Eubanks, Coleton Gossett)
  • Central 4x200 relay (Darius Harvatin, Jordan Weatherspoon, Cole McWilliams, Tyler Hill)
  • Lake View 4x200 relay (Brandon Durio, Derrick Taylor, Devyn Paz, Brandon Cruz)
  • Lake View 4x400 relay (Devyn Paz, Brandon Durio, Derrick Taylor, Brandon Cruz)
  • Sonora 4x400 relay (Aidan Villanueva, Hunter O’Banon, Jaime Buitron, Fernando Gonzalez)
  • Derrick Taylor, Lake View
Eldorado's Prater, Junction's Strickland named All-West Texas Track MVPs (2024)
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