Every Major Horizon Zero Dawn Spoiler, Explained (2024)

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic game with a complex story. The world's history is intricate, and the connections to humanity before the tribal divisions and strife are woven through the fabric of the game. There is so much to learn about Aloy and the world around her. There are so many stories that are waiting to be discovered, and the past is more complicated than it looks. Aloy is at the center of so much intrigue, and it's a joy to find out what's going on inHorizon Zero Dawn. Here we explain many of the major plot points. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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10 Aloy Is Elisabet Sobeck

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Toward the end of the game, you discover why Aloy doesn't have parents. She is a clone of the pioneering female scientist who ushered in the new age of humanity. Elisabet Sobeck designed the Zero Dawn project that brought docile machines to the earth and that rebirthed the population. GAIA, the AI that worked with her, kept her DNA in order to bring Sobeck back if needed. Aloy is not a part of the Nora tribe. She's a clone of a long-dead woman who is meant to help guide humanity away from the brink of destruction.

9 Sylens Is Not Who You Think He Is

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Though, to be honest, we still don't really know who he is or what motivates him. What we do know, revealed by Sylens himself and the closing scenes of the game, is scary. Sylens is responsible for the awakening of HADES, and the mysterious man also helped found the Shadow Carja, when instructed by the AI. It's difficult coming to terms with the malicious actions of an ally to your cause, but the final moments of the game are even more troubling. After your final fight with HADES, Sylens is seen capturing the AI for an unknown purpose.

8 Humanity Was Responsible For The Apocalypse

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Does this really surprise anyone? Is this really a spoiler? In the age of climate change and increasingly discussed end-of-days scenarios, it's not outlandish to assume that mankind devises their own doom. The way that it happens, though, is interesting. A corporation unleashes defense robots that start to consume biomass, which will deplete the planet of every resource and nutrient that is essential for human survival. Desperate scientists and thinkers have to construct a response to this robotic threat as the world slowly dies.

7 The Solution Was Letting Humans Die

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The planet-eating scourge proved too much for the ancestors ofHorizon Zero Dawn. Their final plan, which resulted in the world grinding to a halt, was to accept defeat. The world fought against the robots for as long as possible to allow scientists, experts, and the keepers of culture enough time to prepare the new seed of mankind. Humans would repopulate the planet and study all of the world's knowledge. But in order to stop the advance of the robots and to succeed in revitalizing the species, humanity had to perish.

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6 Something Went Wrong

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So many years passed between the final moments of Elisabet Sobeck's plan and the rise of Aloy. Too many years. The world should have been more fully rebuilt by then. Tribal separations and widespread ignorance shouldn't have been an issue. Ted Faro, the head of the corporation that introduced the biomass-consuming robots, interferes with the rebirth process by killing the leadership left to guide the Zero Dawn Project. The death of the human overseers and the intentional tampering with the AI programs meant to help cause a return to the dark ages.

5 HADES And GAIA Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

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GAIA is the AI program created by Elisabet Sobeck to lead the path towards the second era of human civilization. And HADES was the failsafe program designed to wipe the slate clean if GAIA failed. One was to work toward a perfect iteration of humankind while the other one was to purge the earth if needed. Two necessary components of a carefully crafted plan. Neither one was corrupt or malfunctioning in the beginning. It wasn't until later that a perversion of the original intent developed. Two AI programs. One purpose.

4 Olin Is Spying On You

Aloy is not the only individual using a Focus. Olin, the scavenger that you meet early in the game, also has one. What's more important than that small revelation, though, is the purpose behind his use of the device. HADES is using it to spy on Aloy, as the AI program recognizes Aloy as a reincarnation of Elisabet Sobeck. Olin initially acts as a friend toward Aloy, but he's working against you in the long run. Granted, his family is being used as leverage against him, but he's still deceptive. He's one of many surprises along the way for Aloy.

3 There Are Bigger Machines To Worry About

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Throughout the game, Aloy encounters wreckage of massive robots that never appear in the game. They litter the mountain ranges and remote regions of the land. And Sylens seems to be activating one of them at the end of the game.

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With Hades in his control (or possession), there is the potential for the terrifying reality where enormous machines with deadly power rise up to threaten the peace of the world. In any sequel, Aloy will likely have to combat this new enemy, and we're not sure how that will go for our fearless heroine.

2 Elisabet Sobeck Designed The Machines For Regrowth

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Maybe the Banuk people are onto something. The machine-worshipping tribe tries to live in harmony with the machines of the world, unlike many other groups. As Aloy finds out later, the machines are there for a good reason. Her "mother" built these machines with the intent of regenerating the world that had been wiped out by the robots of Faro Automated Solutions. Oxygen for the atmosphere, vegetation for the land, and all of the necessary components of life. They are shepherding in a new age of mankind.

1 Death Of Apollo

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Sobeck and her enterprising Alphas were fully prepared to establish a new age of humanity after the eradication of the species on the surface. A library of universal knowledge was constructed to educate the newborn civilization. It would mend the gap in understanding, and it would help rectify the sins of the past generations. But it was destroyed. And that is why no one knows what happened to the world. It's the reason why there are tribes and primitive technology. Who do the people have to thank for this? Ted Faro, the same man who brought about the apocalypse in the first place.

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Every Major Horizon Zero Dawn Spoiler, Explained (2024)
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