Mobile Ticketing in the MLB Ballpark app FAQs | Atlanta Braves (2024)

What is Ticket Forwarding?
The MLB Ballpark app allows you to easily forward tickets to family, friends, colleagues, account partners and others with whom you wish to share your tickets so that they can use their ticket on their personal phone.

How do I forward a ticket?
From the Tickets tab’s Wallet tap on a game to access a list of your tickets. At the bottom of the list tap "Forward Ticket". Select the ticket(s) you wish to forward then choose "Select From Contacts", "Via Email", or “Share Link’. Selecting "Forward Ticket" again prompts you to enter an email address or choose a friend from your Address Book. You can then add the recipient's name (optional) and a message (optional) before tapping "Send" to complete the forward. If you wish to send by another method, you can tap "Share Link" which will provide you with a unique link to share. You can also quickly send tickets to friends you’ve forwarded to recently by tapping on their email!

Will the MLB Ballpark app automatically link to the contacts that exist in My Braves Tickets?
No. At this time, "My Braves Tickets" contacts will not automatically link to the MLB Ballpark app. However, the MLB Ballpark app will automatically link to the address book and contacts in your mobile device.

How does Forwarding a Ticket via "Share Link" work?
A unique link, which holds the key to your ticket, will be generated and you can distribute it as you see fit. Please only share this link with one person to whom you are forwarding your ticket. If you share the link with multiple recipients, whomever clicks that link and completes the "forward accept" process first will get that ticket.

What if I accidentally send the ticket to the wrong email address?
You can easily cancel a ticket forward that is in a pending state directly from your list of tickets inside the Wallet. You can then resend the ticket to the correct email address.

How will my recipient know I forwarded tickets?
Both you and the recipient will receive an email that notifies that the ticket forward has been initiated. The recipient will have a unique link in the email to accept the ticket. If you selected "Share Link," the recipient will receive the notification by whatever method you selected for delivering the link.

How do I accept a ticket forward?
You must click "Accept" from the email invitation you received. If you do not already have the MLB Ballpark app on your supported iOS or Android device, you will be prompted to download the app.

I do not have a supported iOS or Android device. Can I still accept a ticket forward?
Yes, you can accept and receive your tickets in a standard web browser. Once a ticket forward has been accepted, contact the Braves at 404-577-9100.

What if the email address where I received the ticket forward is not the same as the email address associated with my MLB account?

The email address at which you received your tickets does not need to match the email address associated with your MLB account, but you will be required to click the link in the email where the ticket was forwarded to.

Can I reject a ticket forward?
Yes, just click, "I do not want to accept this ticket" on the Ticket Accept webpage. This webpage is accessible only from the ticket forward email sent to the recipient. The sender of the ticket forward will be informed that the invitation was rejected and will continue to have access to the ticket in their MLB Ballpark app

If I receive a forwarded ticket, can I re-forward that ticket to another recipient?
Yes, a ticket can be forwarded again. Each time a ticket is forwarded, the two participants, the sender and the recipient, will receive a notification of this transaction

Can I cancel a Braves ticket forward?
Yes, the sender can cancel a ticket forward any time before the barcode has been scanned. This can be accomplished from the Wallet tab by selecting an individual ticket and tapping "Cancel" or by clicking on the Ticket Forward icon at the top of the Wallet tab. Select the specific Forward then tap "Cancel Forward." The recipient of the ticket you forwarded will be notified.

Can I cancel or recall a Braves ticket forward after it has been accepted?
Yes, the original ticket sender can cancel or recall a ticket forward after it has been accepted. The sender and recipient will be notified by email of this action and the ticket will disappear from the recipient's (or anyone they may have forwarded it to) Wallet tab. However, once the ticket has been scanned for entry, the ticket cannot be recalled.

Can I cancel a Braves ticket forward after it has been accepted and re-sent?
Yes, the original ticket owner can cancel the forward for a ticket to a Braves home game regardless of how many times it has been re-forwarded as long as it has not been scanned for entry yet. The sender and original recipient will be notified by email of this action, and the ticket will disappear from the Wallet Tab and/or My Braves Tickets account of whomever the ticket had last been forwarded to.

Can I forward multiple Braves tickets to a single account?
Yes. Tickets can be forwarded together from the same event or one ticket at a time.

Where can I find the status of all Braves Ticket Forwards?
You can navigate to the Ticket Forward icon at the top of the Wallet tab. There, you will find all received and sent ticket forwards for your account.

What if I never received the Ticket Forward email?
If you are expecting to receive a ticket forward but were never notified by email, contact the sender. The sender can cancel the current Ticket Forward then re-send to you by email or share link. If you or the sender are still having difficulties, contact the Braves at 404-577-9100.

If the person I forward tickets to deletes the email they received to accept the ticket(s) before they click "Accept," what should I do?

The ticket owner should cancel their original ticket forward and then re-forward the ticket via the MLB Ballpark app so the recipient receives a new email through which to accept the ticket(s).

Mobile Ticketing in the MLB Ballpark app FAQs | Atlanta Braves (2024)
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