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About Take Me With U

"Take Me with U" is a song by Prince and The Revolution, and the final US single released from their album, Purple Rain (1984). The song is sung as a duet with Apollonia Kotero, and was originally intended for the Apollonia 6 album, but was pulled for the Purple Rain soundtrack. A result of this addition, Prince made cuts to the suite-like original "Computer Blue", which circulates among collectors in an extended version (a portion of this second section of "Computer Blue" can be heard in the film Purple Rain as Prince walks in on the men of The Revolution rehearsing. ) The original version of the song was about a minute longer. The single was released with an edit of album track "Baby I'm a Star" as its B-side, and reached number 25 on the top 40 chart in the US. In the UK, the song was issued as a double A-side single, coupled with "Let's Go Crazy", reaching number 7 in February 1985. Lisa Coleman sang underneath Apollonia's vocals to add fullness.more »


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I can't disguise the pounding of my heartIt beats so strongIt's in your eyes what can I sayThey turn me onI don't care where we goI don't care what we doI don't care pretty babyJust take me with youCome on and touch the place in meThat's calling out your nameWe want each other oh so muchWhy must we play this game?Don't care where we goI don't care what we doI don't care pretty babyJust take me with youI don't care if we spend the night at your mansionI don't care if we spend the night on the townAll I want is to spend the night togetherAll I want is to spend the night in your armsTo be around you is so rightYou're sheer perfection (thank you)Drive me crazy, drive me all nightJust don't break up the connectionI don't care where we goI don't care what we doI don't care pretty babyJust take me with youI don't care where we goI don't care what we doI don't care pretty babyJust take me with youJust take me with youOh won't you take me with youHoney take me with you

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Prince Rogers Nelson (born June 7, 1958 - found dead in his home April 21, 2016. He died of an accidental overdose of the drug fentanyl), was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Known by his mononym Prince, he was an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor. He produced ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during his career. He wrote several hundred songs plus produced and recorded his own music for his own music label. Prince had a wide vocal range and was known for his flamboyant stage presence and costumes. His releases sold over 100 million copies worldwide. He won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, the first year he was eligible. Ro… more »

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10 facts about this song

Album Inclusion

"Take Me With U” is a track from Prince's critically acclaimed studio album, "Purple Rain". This album was released in 1984 and is widely recognized as his breakthrough project.


The song features Apollonia Kotero, who was the lead actress in the movie "Purple Rain". This song was her first and most famous collaboration with Prince.

Chart Success

“Take Me With U” was the final single to be released from the “Purple Rain” album and reached number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Soundtrack Contribution

The song is also featured on the "Purple Rain" film soundtrack which won Prince an Oscar in 1985 for Best Original Song Score.

Musical Style

"Take Me With U" is a blend of pop, rock, and new wave. This distinct mixture of genres was a defining feature of Prince's unique sound.

Lyrics & Theme

Lyrically, the song is a romantic call to escape with a loved one. Prince co-wrote the lyrics with Apollonia.

Music Video

Similar to other songs from the "Purple Rain" album, the music video for "Take Me With U" includes clips from the movie which features Prince and Apollonia riding on a motorcycle.

Pop Culture Impact

Despite its modest chart performance compared to other singles from the album, "Take Me With U" is widely recognized as a classic Prince song and continues to feature heavily in pop culture references to the artist.

Cover Versions

Many artists have performed covers of "Take Me With U", including British pop singer Annie Lennox, who performed a version on her 1995 album "Medusa".


Rolling Stone magazine ranked the "Purple Rain" album at number 8 on its list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in 2020, further highlighting the lasting impact of songs like "Take Me With U" in the music industry.

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Prince - Take Me With U Lyrics (2024)
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