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A chain store and a jewelry store are two different concepts. Typically, jewelry stores have been well-known to provide a wide range of goods (jewelry) for retail sale. Chain stores, on the other hand, are retail outlets in different locations but under the same management and brand.

Many jewelry stores are chain stores. However, the opposite isn’t true. You can find many chains such as specialty stores and restaurants that aren’t considered jewelry stores. You might still be wondering what the actual difference is?

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This article will explain all the key differences between a local Seattlejewelry store and a chain store, as well as why it would be preferable to opt for a local jewelry store

Local Jewelry Store

Typically, a local jewelry store is a large retail establishment that deals with selling jewelry and watches. A jewelry store offers a variety of services such as remodeling, repairs, designing, restoring, and manufacturing pieces

Choosing A Local Jewelry Store Over A Chain Store - Menashe & Sons Jewelers (1)

What merchandise is featured in department stores? Department stores offer a wide range of merchandise well-organized into separate documents and might include things like clothing for men, women, and kids. They might also include jewelry and accessories such as handbags, scarves and belts, cosmetics, and shoes. Some department stores even include small home appliances, such as sports equipment, electronics, home, furniture, and toys. Department stores are often part of a retail store consisting of retail stores in different places.

Jewelry Chain Stores

A chain store is a retail outlet in different locations and also shares central management and brand. It usually consists of standardized business methods. Chain stores can be branches owned by a single company, but others could be franchises owned individually. Chain stores have some common features including centralized marketing and buying, leading to reduced cost to the consumer and a more substantial profit for that store.

As previously stated, this article focuses on the advantage of opting for a local jewelry store rather than a chain store. Below is a detailed look at some of the reasons and benefits you could expect. Keep reading.

Quality Control

If you decide to visit a local independent jeweler, you will realize that the quality of the piece you purchase and/or design will be unique.

On the other hand, a person who is looking for an engagement ring can walk into any chain store and then leave with a ring that hundreds or thousands of people have bought. From precious metal to stone and setting, you could select and control that piece’s quality from its inception to the final product with a reliable, independent jeweler.

This will ensure that you walk away with an engagement ring that is truly one of a kind. Additionally, an independent jeweler can be far more knowledgeable and passionate about their products than an individual working in a chain. They will also provide you with quality, professional advice with no hidden tricks.

Retail involves more than just supporting your community. In the long run, you will want to appreciate a quality product. You should try as much as you can to focus on the readily available, wide range of local, finer quality jewelry.


In general, independent jewelers have a lot more flexibility when it comes to both pricing and customization. This is a huge selling point. You can also find a local jewelry store that provides in house financing, waive fees for repairs, discount to match if required, etc.

Choosing A Local Jewelry Store Over A Chain Store - Menashe & Sons Jewelers (2)


Quite frankly, independent local jewelry stores are generally more economical than chain stores. If you opt to buy from a local jewelry store, you will end up saving money on pieces with similar or greater quality compared to those found in chain stores. This is because of several reasons, some are discussed below.

Respect for your Budget

Local jewelry stores will show more respect for your budget than chain stores. Since independent jewelers are more passionate when it comes to their career and skill, they work with you to ensure that you get a piece that you are confident purchasing and proud to gift.

However, chains simply try to upsell for commission. Furthermore, local jewelry stores will be more flexible with preparing a payment plan that suits your financial requirements.

Premium Prices for Quality Only

With an independent jeweler, you know it's high-quality when it comes to premium prices, and not brand name. If you buy from a chain store, regardless of how reputable, you will find yourself incurring more for a diamond with a similar grading to one from a local jewelry store. It's because there is a stamp of the brand name on the inside. Although a local jewelry store may have exclusive pieces, the gimmick of earning money for a particular name is never an approach that will be take

Helps the Local Economy

You must have already seen this coming. Local jewelry stores are usually owned by individuals who are also part of the home community. Apart from walking out with a unique or rare piece of jewelry, supporting their businesses also means that you are keeping funds local rather than leaving that money in a corporate bank account.

Caring Relationships

A local jewelry store will genuinely care when you tell them of your story. For example, if you have a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease, they will help you sell their ring to pay for their medical bills. Those sentimental stories are the main reason why they care.

Excellent Experience & Knowledge

A local jeweler has exemplary knowledge of jewelry, which is primarily because jewelry is intimate and personal. Is there an intimate thing at a big box store? Apart from being passionate and experienced, a local independent jeweler will be extremely knowledgeable. In other words, independent jewelers generally offer a wealth of experiences and resources at your fingertips.

Exceptional Service

You’re viewed as a commission once you walk into a chain store. However, you are an actual person to an independent jeweler. Local jewelry stores are not just selling their wares, they’re selling their art and craft. That means they have a personal stake in every piece. Apart from educating their buyers, they will work with them and make something special, while being knowledgeable and honest.

Make the Right Choice

Is jewelry important to you? Then, do yourself a favor and ensure that you visit a local jewelry store to get something unique and beautiful.

Choosing A Local Jewelry Store Over A Chain Store - Menashe & Sons Jewelers (2024)


Is it better to go to a local jeweler or a chain? ›

Local jewelry shops are more economical

Big-name jewelers often buy gemstones, diamonds, and metals in bulk, meaning they get a better deal, but the product quality might be dubious.

Is it better to buy jewelry at a jewelry store or department store? ›

If you decide to visit a local independent jeweler, you will realize that the quality of the piece you purchase and/or design will be unique. On the other hand, a person who is looking for an engagement ring can walk into any chain store and then leave with a ring that hundreds or thousands of people have bought.

Why are local jewelers cheaper? ›

Local jewelry stores often offer better prices than big box retailers. This is because they have lower overhead costs and can pass the savings on to their customers. Local jewelers have extensive knowledge about their products and can help you make the best decision for your needs.

Can you haggle with chain jewelry stores? ›

Tip 1: Everything in a jewelry store is negotiable. Big or little purchases, depending on the size of the purchase, you could save between 15-50% just by negotiating. This applies to large chain stores and mom and pop locations. Tip 2: Always research and don't buy on the spot.

How do you know if a jeweler is good? ›

What to Look for in Reputable Jewelers
  • They Have a Great Reputation. ...
  • They Listen to You. ...
  • They're Knowledgeable. ...
  • They Offer More Than Selling. ...
  • They Offer a Wide Selection Including Trusted Brands. ...
  • They Have Warranties and a Return Policy. ...
  • There's No Pressure.

How do I choose a good jewelry store? ›

How to Choose a Jeweler
  1. Ask for Recommendations. Word-of-mouth is king. ...
  2. Seek Out Reviews. Social media for the win! ...
  3. Check with the BBB Watchdogs. ...
  4. Meet Their Pros. ...
  5. Beyond Selling. ...
  6. Show Me the Certs. ...
  7. Check the Fine Print. ...
  8. Go With Your Gut.
Feb 25, 2022

How do you get the best deal at a jewelry store? ›

Know your limits, bring cash, and be prepared to walk away. If you are shopping online, use a search engine to find discount codes before checking out. Using these techniques will go a long way towards helping you get the best price for the jewelry you intend to buy.

Why is department store jewelry so cheap? ›

Think of them as the “Walmart" of jewelry companies. They offer mass-produced jewelry that is quickly (and not skillfully) made. They have to make thousands of identical rings to supply all their stores. And to cut costs they manufacture in China and India.

Is it cheaper to buy jewelry from a pawn shop or a jewelry store? ›

Arguably the biggest advantage of buying jewelry at a pawn shop is the significant cost savings. Like most pawn shops, EZPAWN sources its jewelry from various channels, including forfeited collateral from pawn loans and purchases from customers.

How do you not get scammed when buying jewelry? ›

Look for certification. Authentic trinkets and gemstones are certified by the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gemological Society. Some jewelry scammers have become more cunning, producing appraisal forms and authentication proof that sound like GIA and AGS.

How do you know if jewelry is a good deal? ›

Russell Fogarty, former head of Christie's jewelry department in New York and partner of estate jewelry company Kazanjian & Fogarty, has a simple checklist to determine whether a piece is investment-worthy. It should be vintage, high quality, in good condition, beautiful, and signed by the manufacturer.

What is the markup on jewelry in a jewelry store? ›

There are two primary reasons resale and retail jewelry have such different prices: retail price markups and second-hand market values. When luxury retail stores sell fine jewelry, they must mark up the prices to make a profit, as all businesses do. The markup for new luxury jewelry is, on average, around 250% to 300%.

Is it better to buy from a jeweler or the company? ›

Independent Jewelry Stores/Designers Are More Economical

When you buy from an independent jeweler, you save money on pieces of the same or greater quality than those available in chain stores.

Is it cheaper to go to a jeweler? ›

Is it better to buy a diamond engagement ring from a jeweler or from a place like Jared, Tiffany or Zales? A jeweler will sell it to you for a closer to wholesale price than any of those companies, especially Tiffany. A jeweler is always a good option.

Are local jewelers more expensive than online? ›

Buying Engagement Rings Online vs In a Jewelry Store

The price advantage of buying online is also dramatic. Jewelry stores have a lot more overhead, including rent, security and the salaries and commissions of salespeople.

Is it better to take jewelry to a pawn shop or jewelry store? ›

For pricing and appraisals, selling to jewelry stores is better than pawn shops. Pawn shops have high overhead costs and typically resell items at a lower price. Jewelry stores have in-house master jewelers who can provide accurate appraisals and higher prices for your jewelry.

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